Women's Ice Hockey

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Ancient Olympics

The first ancient Olympics were held in 776 B.C. in ancient Greece on the island of Peloponnese. Based on some myths, the father of humanity, Zeus fought Cronus in a struggle for the throne of Gods and defeated him. As a result the demigod Hercules staged games in Olympia in honor of Zeus. Some of the major events during the ancient Olympics were jumping, discus throw, boxing, pankration (first form of martial arts a mixture of wrestling and boxing, one of the hardest events), Equestrian events (horse and chariot races), running and pentathlon.

Modern Olympics

The first modern Olympics were held in 1896 in Athens, Greece, and had 43 sports with 280 participants from 13 nations. The first modern winter games were held in Chamonix, France and the most recent Olympic games were held in Sochi, Russia.

The Sport's History

Women's Ice Hockey was first put in the Olympics in July 1992.The first image known of women playing ice hockey was taken in 1890 of Isobel Preston at Rideau Hall. In 1891 it was recorded, in a newspaper, that there was a game played between two unnamed women teams in Ottawa. This is said to be the true start of women's ice hockey. In the 1970s There were teams being created in Sweden, Finland, Japan, China, Korea, Norway, Germany and Switzerland. College organizations and Canadian provincial form club teams in the Midwest and East, and special chest pad and pelvic protector gear is made for women. The first Women's World Invitational Tournament was in New York in 1987, and the US defeats Sweden 5-0. The Ice Hockey Federation Creates a Women's World Championship after being lobbied by many groups. The first IIHF Women’s World Championship was held in Ottawa. During the championship game, the United States takes a 2-0 lead before Canada scores a 5-2 victory and the gold medal. Finland defeats Sweden, 6-3, and wins a bronze medal.

Rules for Women's Ice Hockey


Elbow pads




Shin guards

Shoulder pad




Goalkeepers Equipment

goalkeeper stick

goalkeeper skates

blocking glove

catching glove

helmet with full face mask

leg guards.

How to Prepare

To prepare for Women's Ice Hockey the women prepare all year long. They practice skating making goals and blocking goals. They condition and strengthen themselves to be ready for this very physically demanding sport.

Famous People from my Sport

Vicki Bendus

"The leading scorer for Canada at the 2011 MLP Cup, Bendus is one of only four Canadian women to have won the Patty Kazmaier Award (given to the most outstanding player in the NCAA)."

Liz Knox

"The 2011 winner of the Brodrick Trophy (awarded to the Most Valuable Player in Canadian Interuniversity Sport women’s hockey), Knox played for the national powerhouse Wilfrid Laurier Golden Hawks."

Sara Baeur

"A member of the NCAA 200-point club, Bauer won the Patty Kazmaier Award in 2006. She would be the second Canadian woman (after Jennifer Botterill) to win the award."


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