A road naming agency needed, says Navin Raheja

Take a left from Sikandarpur Metro station and you might just be able to know what road you are on, but another left turn and you feel no better than a lost lamb. What road are you on now? Just pull over and ask someone for the name of the road and the answer is surely bound to hit you hard. The road doesn’t have any official name but is known by the name of a popular MNC. This translates into a chaotic situation when an emergency strikes and it becomes difficult for you to express your exact geographical location.

Navin Raheja, President, National Real Estate Development Council (NAREDCO) has stressed upon creation of an agency that would be dedicated towards naming roads appropriately and install signage on the roads to facilitate the mapping up of way. The construction system in India is quite unique on the accounts that first, the developers and companies develop their projects, followed by the construction of the road by the government authorities and by the time that road is allocated a name; it already has a local name based on an important landmark. This local name spreads among the people and the official name, if any at all, is hardly known to anyone.

Even in global cities like Gurgaon, most of the roads are popular by the landmark offices and not by the official names. This is either because the official names were allocated quite late or the name bears less relevance to the area. Navin Raheja, who is also the MD of Raheja Developers strongly advocates the need of setting up a government agency to solve this problem.