Technology in the Classroom

Inside this second grade classroom, that I had the pleasure of teaching Math too there is many different bits of technology. This classroom has a smartboard that has attached speakers to both sides, an overhead projector with sliding screen, and four student computers off to the right hand side. The smartboard and student computers are used each day as a vital part of the class, while the overhead projector is rarely seen unless the smartboard is broken.

The smartboard is very important because the kids are able to come in the door, put their belongings down, then walk over to the smartboard, and select what they want for lunch that day from the cafeteria. After the students are settled in the teacher then puts up a morning, challenge either relating to Math or Spelling usually. Until the end of the day, there are more various uses for this awesome piece of equipment whether it is with using shapes on the board for geometry or practicing spelling words and writing them out. In a short little article by Nicole Riggs for NEA, she states that “smartboards are a great tool but or often not utilized to their full potential.” She then proceeds to describe that there are so many resources out their for teachers to use in their classroom with these boards, such as interactive lessons, worksheets, and even e-books. Although she says that most of them are not utilized it was not the case in this classroom. The teacher actually had a flash drive that had all of her interactive lessons, her own PowerPoint’s, and worksheets. She even went on to customize a shuffler that each week it shuffled around the classroom jobs when someone click their name. The next most used item would be the student computers. These computers are almost used each day the kids are allowed to go on them in free time and do online words searches or math labs. They also use them with spelling words, where student go on and type shorts stories using their weekly words. The projector and its screen however have seen their days. They are no longer used and just remain there to collect dust. They have become outdated because of the new technology being able to do so much more than just a simple light bulb and mirror can do.


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