What is Color Theory?

Color Theory is the study of color. The role of color in design and art is also studied. Different authors have different opinion on the very large field of color theory. This didn't become prominent in society until the 1800's. The study of historic colors is important to the development of color theory.


What is the Color Wheel?

The color wheel is a 12 sectioned disk that lays out the different colors according to "pigment" value. Primary colors give rise to all the others. Tertiary colors fill in the other blank spaces. Color schemes are helped put together by the color wheel. The primary colors are blue, yellow, red.


Color Scheme

Particular colors need to be chosen in order to flatter the website. It has to be somehow related or to interact with the brand. Color scheme is the overall color pattern that creates a mood for the audience. These usually help portray specific moods through the piece of art. Lots of times color schemes will develop well.

Impact of Different Colors

Different colors can impact the audience in a different way by portraying different moods. One example includes the use of blues and greens; these colors promote peacefulness and calmness. Other colors such as red and yellow promote happiness, excitement, and even hunger.

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