This Thanksgiving I Tip My Hat...

What better way to give thanks than to tip your top hat?

To Music

And Spotify, for that matter. Music is refreshing. It keeps my mind active instead of it's younger brother Television, who just wants me to sit on the couch and veg out. Don't believe me? Listen to some of this music I speak of & get some shit done!

To People With a Weird Sense of Humor

I have a bit of an odd sense of humor, myself. Naturally, I can appreciate others who have a skewed take on what is humorous. Mostly, I'm just thankful that there are plenty of opportunities in life to just laugh.

To My Family, My Friends, & My Girlfriend

Yes –the cliches keep rolling! Cliche or not, I am honestly thankful to have a healthy, happy, close family. My friends keep me excited that weekends exist. And without my girlfriend I'd probably be approaching the age where people would start to question why I'm such a loner... and she's also pretty great as well. I mean I can spend about all my time with her and not even get sick of it. So there's that.

Oh and also to Tacos... because who doesn't love Tacos!? Add what you're Thankful for this Thanksgiving on the #30 Days of Thanks board.

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