Thank you so much for being the best boyfriend in this entire world!! Thank you for being there when you are most needed!!

From all the late nights and fun days on FFA Trips And all the fun we have!!

The days where we were not even dating & and at the buckwheat festival having a blast!!!!

Snowball/Varsity ball 2012!!!

All our fun trips with FFA!!!

Logan we have so much in common !! From animals to food to just anything and that's why I LOVE YOU!!!

You know your dream truck is a standard chevy truck!!! & that you wish you could  have a amazing truck like (chevy) to hall your girlfriend (Thats Loves You So Much!!) around and be apart of team chevy!!!!!!!!

You know deep deep down inside of you, you LOVE Johndeere!!

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!

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