a friendly cold breeze

Label: Excession / Bliss Corporation
Release Date: 2014
Genre: Electro House


1. Miami [Extended Mix]

Here the brand new song of Max Komodo. Now we're jumping from the surf board directly into the heart of wave. Suddenly a friendly cold breeze is capturing our soul...What's happen? Simple, is the new track from Max Komodo!

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Supported by

Simon Emme dj - Miami (Extended Mix) Great release. I will definitely support this all the way!
Jorge Perilla - Miami (Extended Mix) Great release. I will definitely support this all the way
Stefano Vaglio DJ - Miami (Extended Mix) Nice saxophone!
DiRRty HaRRi DJ - Miami (Extended Mix) It's okay, I will look to play it soon.
Sammy Morando DJ - Miami (Extended Mix) Great track love it
DJ Fresh - Miami (Extended Mix) love this track
Dee Jay Santi - Miami (Extended Mix) I like this and will play it out in my shows.
Rock DJ - Miami (Extended Mix) Nice track !!!
George Falcao DJ - Miami (Extended Mix) Sorry, I need to think about playing this track.
Daniele Tosi (Radio Facebook) - Miami (Extended Mix)good
Alex Cavaceppi (The Network Radio) Max Komodo - Miami (Extended Mix) support good
Ibiza Sonica Max Komodo - Miami (Extended Mix) GREAT STUFF
Radio Tele Color (Radio Tele Color) Max Komodo - Miami (Extended Mix)nice
Gianfranco Sorangelo (Radio Laser) Max Komodo - Miami (Extended Mix)OK
Radio Neve Sound (Radio Neve Sound) Max Komodo - Miami (Extended Mix)ok
Bryant Max Komodo - Miami (Extended Mix) LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT
Dj Charlie - LOCA FM Max Komodo - Miami (Extended Mix)Nice song :D
Gigi Soriani (Radio Marte)Max Komodo - Miami (Extended Mix)ottimo per i live
DJ A Vicand - Miami (Extended Mix) Good Work, follow this line please !!!
Riccardo Rostellato DJ - Miami (Extended Mix) Good very good
Marcelo Domingues - Miami (Extended Mix) Novidade na programao!

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