Mobile Apps for the Classroom!


Evernote is a cross-device and operating system app that allows for students to collect images, links, and videos; write notes in class; document their travels; share files with teachers and students and more. Students no longer have to be confined to their computer to learn. With Evernote, notes are synced up across devices and students can access the material from wherever they are. Students in younger grades can use Evernote to create a project whereas students in higher levels can use it to write notes in class, connect ideas between different English texts, add images to what would be boring text notes, and more.

Here's a quick video about Evernote.


Duolingo is software that, like Evernote, is cross-device and cross-operating system. Providing languages like Spanish, French, and German, it can be used as a review system in many classes. Furthermore, the idea of providing authentic contexts and motivation in a second language classroom is fulfilled via Duolingo's second function of translating the web. By providing students snippets of text from the Internet to translate, students get to use the skills they learned in class in a real-world context.


Dropbox is cloud software that allows students and teachers to access files from anywhere with an internet connection. Much like the previous two examples, it is also cross-device, further reinforcing the idea of mobile learning. Students can store files on their own Dropbox and access it from school to continue to work on it. Teachers can also set up folders for students to accomplish group work or hand things in online.


Youtube has been around for quite some time now and with the onset of mobile learning, it can be accessed via many devices including smartphones, mp3 players, tablets, and laptops. Students can search for videos that are related to their field of studies or access education-based Youtube accounts like Khan Academy or TEDTalks. Youtube videos provide students another way to learn something or to further reinforce their knowledge of what they have learned in class.


From the makers of Evernote, Skitch allows for easy image editing to create instructions, schematics, or other helpful images. Students can use the image editing software to show schematics for a diorama that they are making, instructions for a chemistry experiment, or even how to decorate a cake for a foods class. By linking it with Evernote, they can further expand the use of this app by utilizing the many options offered by Evernote itself.

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