Letter to a victim

Please, please listen to me

“There is peace even in the storm” ― Vincent van Gogh, The Letters of Vincent van Gogh

Forget your pain for a moment and listen to me.

I know that you feel alone. I know that every day is a fight for you, that each day is harder than the previous one, even though it seemed impossible to you. I know that you probably feel crushed by this constant pressure, this awful and perpetual punishment inflicted to you by others. Why are they so mean? I can imagine all those nights on which you stared sadly at your computer screen, wondering why people that you barely knew felt the need to insult you, to call you names.

Even worst, I know that you feel abandoned by your friends, classmates, teachers. The world seems cold, doesn’t it? I mean, when you feel alone, in the middle of it, surrounded by a suffocating emptiness, a dangerously cold-looking crowd. The world is so big, how can it be possible that nobody fights by your side, that normal human beings seem to be turned into ropeless puppets in front of violence? Those silent witnesses… We all are part of them at one point, and in this way we are knives in the heart of justice.

Violence is painful. Silence in front of it is awful, sometimes even worst. However, please know that silent witnesses are not insensitive to you. Actually, they are scared, just like you are. They are scared of being you, of being the victim of a bully’s lack of confidence, of being hurt by those who are hurting you. Silence is, for most people, a shield under which they hope to be left alone. Actually, from a certain angle, one could say that this absence of reaction is maybe the most convincing proof of how people are conscious of the pain you are going through. They are silenced by their fear, but deeply sympathizing, and in this way, you will never be alone.

I wanted you to understand that you are not alone. Not everyone is scared and the aggressiveness of people has probably nothing to do with you. Also, remember that you will always be stronger than your bullies, because unlike them, your strength doesn’t rely on others and their fear. It is yours and only yours.

Also, and this is probably the most important message of my whole letter, TALK to someone. Do not stay alone with your situation. Your parents, your good friends, some of your teachers that you trust are all people that will help you. They can, they really can. Will you please give it a try?

You will never be alone and there are ways to make bullying stop. People need to stand up, to leave their shield of silence. They will. Maybe we should write them a letter so they understand?

Remember that storms never last, and keep being you.

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