Ancient Egiptions

By: riley nicolella

Ancient Egyption food supply

The ancient egyptions had a stable food supply. they had a good food supply because they were near the nail river. they grew plants and started to make bread. the egyptions were the first to make bread. they would use boats to transfer the food to other people.

Ancient Eygiption Social Structure
The eygiptions had a social pyramid. first was the pharons they were the highest up on the pyramid. They were named the gods they were the most powerful. Next were the government officials they were usually the kings and the army. Next were the scribes they are in the middle of the pyramid. They were usually the more lower classed army. Next were the artisans they were artists that would usually paint or make pottery for the kings. Lastly were the pesents they were slaves. They built the pyramid and they would do stuff for scribes and kings.

the ancient eygiptions were very strong about religious beliefs the pharons were gods to them they are listed below.

Ra: Ra was the god of sun. He was similar to the Greek god. Ra would travel up and down the nail river to assure the Egyptians that Ra was alive and that the sun would come back.

Osiris: Osiris was the god of growth. He wore a pharon hat and carried a spear. He was killed and resurrected and he is also called the god of growth.

Anubis: was the sun of Ra. He was named after the after life. His head was black because it was the color of death. his mummy contained a falcon head.

The Arts

Ancient Egyptian art was very good. Over time many people learned more about art. this was very bad. this would make people change art from its original form. the old kingdom was the first to use art. the old kingdom would use art to paint on tombs and walls of the burial ground. we find most of the art from them.

Advances in Technology

The ancient Egyptians invented written. But they wrote in hieroglyphics. This written language was very different. Ancient Egyptians had many cures and medicines. Some were very strange. For example they used human brains to cure eye infections. They ate mice for coughs. They also invented make up.

Written language

The Egyptians used hieroglyphics. This writing is very complicated. the writing involves pictures and symbols. the writing took a long time to master.

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