Henry Hudson

Ramela Xhaho 4-407

Interesting Adventure


Henry Hudson was a famous explorer who sailed from Asia to North America. He sailed and found many interesting places, such as The Hudson River in New York. Henry also sailed and found The Hudson Bay in Canada these places were important because he was a sailor and these places were named after him so they made him important to. After sailing The Hudson Strait some of Henry's crew members took him, his son and seven other crew members on a canoe and they were never seen again. Henry was never seen again because he died and he was sailing in the canoe when he found The Hudson River and they died because a whale popped up and went over him, so he died because  when the whale popped up an.d when it went over him the water drowned Henry, his son, and his 7 crew members.

Henry Hudson's Route

  • Northwest Passage
  • Places Henry Hudson traveled

    Henry's route was the Northwest passage the Northwest Passage is a water way through Asia and North America in the map you can see that, it shows that the Northwest Passage is in the picture and that it is a water way through Asia and North America . In the second fact that I put was the places he traveled in the picture that I'm showing, he traveled in Canada also in Greenland he almost sailed to the North Pole but he failed. Henry sailed many places but failed to and he got awards from going to places. I can infer that Henry Hudson only went to places because he wanted the awards and he wanted the other sailor's to be jealous of him, this is why I think Henry Hudson was a explorer and I think the prizes were gold.

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