Email, texting and cell phones became very popular in the 2000s


Texting was around in the late 80s but wasn't popular at all.  By the 90s the younger generation used them but it wash't until the 2000s that it really took off.  Texting now is used in our everyday lives.  

In 2009 a survey was taken and it found that in that year more than 1.5 trillion texts were sent.  That means that each person on earth was sending more than 200 texts a day.


In 2007 the first iPhone was introduced by Steve Jobs.  iPhones revolutionized smart phones as we know them today.  The first phones made were bag phones that people kept in there cars.  


TV has changed a lot since the early stages.  TV started as a huge box, now our TVs are skinny and large.  We have HD and 3D.  TV started with only a few channel and now we have thousands as well as Netflix, OnDemand and Fios were we can watching different shows whenever we want.  



I think that "self managed" cars will be coming out.  A car that can drive itself, park itself, and do everything by itself.  You'll just be along for the ride.  

Smart Houses:

Smart House will be self cleaning and will be able to cook for you.   The smart house will be completely computer operated that way you can have all the tasks you don't want to do done for you right in front of your eyes.  

Tracking Devices:

The Government will put tracking devices in everyone.  If you are lost in the woods you could find your way back.  If a child or someone is taken they could locate the child easier if they have a tracking device.