"Promoting Ruffle Potato Chips"

Cheddar & Sour Cream Flavor

As you can see Ruffles has all different types of flavors and sizes.

People love buying Ruffles because of the crunch, different flavors, they are available in a lot of stores, and they have an affordable price. Ruffles have made a unique name and taste to many. No other chip or snack is anything like the savory taste of a ruffle.

Many celebrities love ruffles, such as Chris Brown. Chris eats 7-10 bags of ruffles a day! He also keeps his fridge full of them so any time he craves our deliciousness he can just grab a bag.

Ruffles are well known by weight watchers, Jenny Craig, and the biggest loser game show. They use them to help lose weight. Ruffles will help you lose up to 100 pounds in 2 weeks! Who wouldn't enjoy that?

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