Feudal Japan

1. What is Feudalism it is mostly like fighting and keeping  there home safe from other people that are trying to attack them and get there food and other important stuff that you need to live with. Is government.

2. Some live above system and some of them live under the system. There are lot of people that live below and under the system. Because the people that live above have all of the powers and the people that live under the system do not have the powers to rule the towns and other stuff like that.They had lots of people that were fighting. To help them.

3.They make poems with the same rules that we do have 5,7,5 syllables. And they make lot of other stuff.  They have no music and then some other things do have music.Only men tell story images. They all have different things that they were.

4. The social structures are that they have fighting class for young kids and then they have other things that they do to help keep the bad  people away from them and there towns that is why they have this class for the young class so they can help when older.  

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