False Imprisonment And Abuse.
By:  Obdulia, Tyra, And Natalie.


Torts are a wrongful act or a violation of the law that leads to civil legal disability.

False Imprisonment

False Imprisonment is being restrained or arrested for a crime without any justification, proof that you actually committed the crime.

Examples Of False Imprisonment

Stopping you from leaving the building

Keeping someone hospitalized against their will without proper notification.

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Being treated without respect, or harming a person with no reason for your actions.

Examples Of Abuse:

Four Types Of Abuse:

  • Physical- Hitting Ex: Fighting, Punching someone.
  • Verbal- using your words to harm someone Ex: Threats, shouting, or swearing
  • Sexual- touching inappropriately  Ex: Rape, or touching a person inappropriately, without their consent.
  • Psychological- Ridiculing Ex: Revealing someone's secrets that they wouldn't want anyone else to know.

Sings Of Abuse:

  • Unexplained Bruises
  • Signs Of Neglect, Such As Poor Hygiene.
  • Irrational Fears Or Change In Personality
  • Aggresive behavior

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