Narrative Poem,Howard,11/4/13

Hannah With eyes blue as the ocean floor.

Hannah of being smart like a nocturnal rainbow.

Hannah whose athletic,and beautiful is a pretty flower.

Is smart,lovable,nice,caring,and filled like a jar full of happiness.

She hangs with her friends in her private school.

Mad at alot of things,at herself,and at her mother.

She feels lost,losing something or someone.

Never knew she could lose something she loved that fast.

Feels a pain in her heart that she never felt before,something she would regret for the rest of her life.

Hannah who is mad at her mother because she moved hannah to California away from her hometown Massachusetts.

Mother thought it would help hannah,but it didnt help at all.

Hannah is even madder at herself and her mom.

Because the last thing she said to her dad was she hated.

Hannah inside feels lost like a child in WalMart.

Inside she wants him back so she can say she's sorry.

Inside she knows that he loved her and she did to.

Is failing her classes telling her friends to leave her alone.

She began thinking about suicide she told her friend brittney and told brittney not to tell anybody.

So hannah isn't playing any sports,She quit.

So she thinks and thinks about suicide.

So once brittney told her mom but by the time briitney told Hannah mom it was to late.
Hannah hung herself and holding a picture of her dad.

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