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November 11 Stadium in Luanda in the 27th African Cup of Nations finals, Egypt 1:0 win over Ghana, undefeated record in winning and creating a record of 3 consecutive championships and a total of 7 times. Final Qian, substitute appearances of grid more staged winner,cheapest fifa coins he also to 5 ball became this events best striker, more magic of is, he of all scored are is substitute appearances playing into "Pharaoh King" previously 5 war victory, playing into 14 ball only lost 2 ball, and created 18 field African Cup not defeated of records, defence core Goma injury no big due, but striker fatalahe suspended, midfielder Mulder Asia cloth due to hurt out. To the 5th African Champions Trophy challenge in Ghana, which last won in 1982, Ghana players currently only 5 people were born.

"The players gifts" in the case, we should reflect on how to improve and refine the system of, cut in official circles, "reciprocity" harmful cultural and traditional in recent days, with former Football Association Vice President Nan Yong, Director of the Center on trial, former foot tube, which involved 17 criminal facts surfaced. The case not only has many clubs involved, and also personally involved. Internationals Zheng Zhi to play abroad for example transfers, delivering watches to NaN Yong, former women's soccer coach Li Xiao-Peng to attend training, also gives Nan Yong to send goods in accordance with China's criminal law stipulates that the subjective Constitution of the crime of offering bribes to "seek illegitimate interests", while Zheng Zhi Nan Yong, deliver tables required by specific interests, but it is more legitimate than.