The Case Of The Missing Case

The Crime

    John Vanguard, the president, was walking home from a conference with America when he noticed something. his special case was missing! He ran back to the room of the meeting and searched all over the place, it was nowhere. He went back to his home thinking he left it there, but he didn't. He called the famed detective, Rick Ricks and the police. An hour later,John heard a SCRREEEERRRRRCH.Rick had arrived at the scene with his son, Bobby in a VW Beetle as shiny as a star. The police were already there. They told Rick about the crime. " sombody has stolen The Presidents case,"Officer Dave said. "We have come up with a list of suspects, Zack Rugs, the recent criminal, Jimmy Fitts, his jealous vice-president, Tony Bricks, a exotic case collector, and Eddie Camelback, his hated step-son." "Any witnesses?" Rick asked. "Yes there are two. Holly River said she saw Tony Bricks holding a case that seemed like the president's. "We found a brush with the signature of Jimmy Fitts at the president's house." Also, Mr. Vanguard is starting to think Jimmy did it because he has always wanted to take his place.

The Puzzling Question

Who stole the President's case? And where are they keeping it?

Meet The Detectives

Rick Ricks. He is the most famed detective in Mexico. One of the most famed detective him the world. He is tall and bulky with spiky hair as black as night that is slightly gray.He has a appearance that seems mysterious. He has solved more cases than any other detective in the world. Bobby Ricks. He is the only son of Rick and looks like a complete duplicate. Same body, same hair, and same brain. He is very different than normal teenagers. he is growing a mustache. he tries to live up to his father's name.

suspect #1

Zack Rugs-recently a criminal used to rob banks for a living. He has long hair that looks like honey.He has a voice that sounds like sombody rubbed the inside of his throat with the scratchy side of a sponge, then made him eat 20 pounds of gravel.His greatest crime was when he tried to break into Alcatraz and tried to free all the prisoners in the prison. (including his brother Jack) . He was then sent to prison 10 years. He is now a successfull artist. Some people say he can write a complete duplicate of somebody's signature


He used to steal stuff for a living. Also when he moved to Mexico City, he began to have an interest in the president's case.


He said he was at a art convention last Tuesday. The Tuesday the case was stolen. The day before his brother was visiting him from Texax." Jack had to leave soon because he got an unexpected call from work."He said it with a smile like a snake.

suspect #2

Jimmy Fitts -He is as tall as a girrafe and as He has always been John Vanguard's right-hand-man. Even in 9th grade when John was school president. Even though Jimmy is John friend, he has always wanted to take his place. He is the vice-president of Mexico. Also he has always shown great interest in his mysterious case. ( he is bald )


He has always wanted to see what was inside the case. He feels if he has his case he could take his place and become president of Mexico and follow his dream to build lots of wig stores for bald people like him.


He says he was at the same conference as John. He said he stayed with the president until the end when they both left at 9:00. John Vanguard said he saw him leave at the same time as him so he was not lying.

suspect #3

Tony Bricks- Collects exotic cases says that The case was bothering him but he didn't take it but ho ever took it beat him to it. He says that he is happy that he doesn't have to look at the case any more because he said he was about to explode like a stick of dynamite in a trench full of soldiers.


hates cases that are normal and doesn't know what is inside. Then he blows them up and uses the little pieses to makes exotic cases.


He says he was out the night the case was stolen destroying a case.

suspect #4

Eddy Camelback- He is John Vanguard's stepson Hated his step dad and never sees him. He was at his step dad's mantion and a $!0,000,000 Piano fell on him. He has never gone back to the mantion. He Has always tried to get in to the case at the mantion but it is so garded it is like an egg falling from the sky and landing in 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.00000000000001 miles of beds ( foam).


He has always hated his step-dad. He has texted his dad 100 times over 5 weeks about how he is going to get revenge in him. He said he is going to murder his case.( he has Schizophrenia).


He says that he was out at a friends bowling party that night at the place Star lanes. He said it lasted from 4:00 to 10:00. "We would have stayed the whole night but that's when the alley closes. He says he hates his step-dad but he would never take his case without telling him.

Mystery solution