Edwards Journey

its time to join my family

hi I'm Aleesha I'm 12 years of age, lets say you could call me horse crazy.   im picking up my new horse Edward on the weekend, Ed is 15 years of age so older then me, He's a rescue horse. Edwards story is really sad, Edward was born in the wild but he was only in the wild for 5 weeks because his mum got hit by a car trying to protect him from people, sadly Ed's mum didn't survive. Ed was found standing over his mum still trying to suckle but a lady named Linder was on her way to the Darwin cup with her TB horse in 1999, she rescued him, he had to get bottle fed,9 years lader he came to the  faraday family ,he was used as a paddock horse for 6 years and now he's finally going to be mine he's my only man I want in my life, this is his story watch him while he and I learn together, THANK  

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