Keep Calm and Be Safe on the Internet

By: Matilyn Rigsby

Internet Safety Rules:

1. DO NOT give out any personal information on the internet like your phone number ,address ,dad and moms phone number and you should not give out your name.

2. You HAVE to tell your parents if you are on a website that makes you feel uncomfortable or someone online is making you feel uncomfortable.

3.Never open a text or e-mail or share files from a stranger it my harm the computer or yourself.

4. Never, under any circumstances, agree to meet face-to-face someone they have corresponded with online without a parent's permission. If a meeting is arranged, make sure that it takes place in public and that parents always accompany the child.

5. Avoid chat rooms . They could put anybody in danger.

If you go on a chatting website like facebook or twitter and that person is harassing you, TELL YOUR PARENTS!

6.Be suspicious of anyone you meet in a chat room who tries to turn you against your family, friends, or teachers.


7.Choose a gender-neutral online name in a chat room to avoid harassment. Never give out your real name!

8.Never respond to messages or bulletin boards that are threatening or obscene , or make them feel uncomfortable in any way.

9.Never send any personal materials to an online friend, such as an address, telephone number, or photograph, without first informing parents.

10.Always be reminded that the people they meet online may not be who they say they are.

Technology, specifically the internet, could be considered a blessing and a curse. Who knew how much danger you could innocently put yourself into by using the internet? Rules are developed for a reason. They are developed to keep people safe. Following internet safety rules is important because they could save your life, protect your private information, protect your reputation, and keep you safe while enjoying the good things about the internet. If you use the internet be smart about it and follow internet safety rules. They could save your life one day.

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