Raven hill mysteries- #1 The Ghost of Raven Hill
by Emily Rodda
Book Report by Grace Mathews

My author is Emily Rodda

There was no illustrator except for on the cover. I could not find who drew that picture.

This books genre is mystery because there is a problem and they have to find different clues to solve the full mystery.

There are many themes is this book, and some are listed here


The protagonist is Liz and  and the antagonist is

Characters are






The main character is Lizzie/Liz and four word to describe her are

The main setting is and four words to describe it are:

I would recommend this book to people ages seven to eleven because of the reading level the book is at. Also to people who like mysteries


     First Liz is walking through the woods with her friends who are all penniless. She comes up with the idea to get them a job.

Some thing I noticed about the writing was that

Some thing I noticed about the illustrations was that

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