Otzi the ice man
By: Carson Johnke

This is Otzi the iceman. He had multiple tattoos. He was found by some hikers in Alps. They then called the police  but they thought that it was a doll. So they then started to use pickaxes and machinery to dig him out. Then a scientist named Dr. Henn came and told them to stop because he was an old body and needed to be preserved.

The Four Theory's about how he died
1. Hypothermia   

They think that he might have died from hypothermia because of his yellowish skin tone and his muscle tissue was broken down. They also think that because of that he was found in a place where it was known to be frozen over.

2. Died in battle

They think that because of the four blood types that were on his skin. Also he was found with a spear stuck in his back. Plus the four blood types were found on his clothes and weapons.

3. Robbed

They think that he was a shepherd and that he was shepherding his sheep. He was also found with pollen in his stomach a place along where people often shepherded.So he could have been killed from that.

4. Assasination

Usually if you are assassinated you are a leader of a political group or religious leader. Now lets go back to the tattoos he had some like I said but they were mysterious but they could have pointed to religion. Also he could have been assassinated because of his choices.  

That's it hoped you liked it what theory do you believe.

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