Salmonella is a bacteria that occurs mainly in the intestines. You get Salmonella from raw foods.

Who is at Risk?

Salmonella can cause more problems with children because their immune system is not as strong, so they seem to keep the poison longer.

What can give you Salmonella?

Many things carry Salmonella such as eggs, but other things do too. Raw meat, unpasteurized juice or milk, poultry, and contaminated fruits and vegetables. Also animals such as reptiles and amphibians carry it.

How long does it last?

Many people stay sick for 12-72 hours.


How dangerous is the illness?

Salmonella  takes care of itself. You don't need treatment. You don't need antibiotics. You don't need to be hospitalized. It just burns itself out.

How to Prevent Salmonella?

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