Im sure as a child or a teenager you were always told that you should never bully, and if you were being bullied you need to tell someone or if you witnessed it. Today there are so many 8th graders that get bullied or bully other people, and the sad thing is most of them wont speak up and tell someone. A lot of people ask why don't kids speak up? Well it's mostly because they don't trust the teachers or adults around them.  Also students don't see the adults doing anything, but the adults can't do anything because you don't tell them so they don't know. You should speak up it will probably do you more help than it will hurt. Also you don't have to just go and confront a teacher at many schools there are online surveys. You can even post them anonymously.

When kids are bullied they are more likely to not like school, lack quality friendship, have a low self-esteem, and even have family problems. Bullying doesn't just hurt them then...most people don't know that when they bully someone that it can hurt them in the "long run" and stay with them forever. People who were bullied are more likely to go through depression and potentially suicide as an adult much more than people who weren't bullied as a kid. And the bullies are more likely to become convicted of criminal charges.

You see it all the time commercials that tell you to speak up when there is bulling. Im not sure why someone would want to bully someone even if  they are trying to impress someone, get what they want, have some power, or don't even no they are bullying them. It doesn't matter to me if you do it to get something you want just think about that saying mean stuff so you get to do something that satisfies you. That doesn't seem fair does it? Now you have hurt the other persons feelings and they probably feel insecure, and they start to realize that you were right, and that just hurts them more.... because if you think that then i'm sure someone else does.

Sure there are many other things that 8th graders face today in school, but bullying is the most common. Bullying affects more students than something like technology. Bullying is such a big problem especially at a 8th grade age that is one of the many reasons you see it all the time on commercials, and why teachers and parents talk about it with kids all the time. And before you say anything remember its the mean things that people remember better. Remember that you can tell someone about what is happening it will probably do more help than harm.


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