Jada's Music Memory List

W.C Handy

William Christopher Handy aka “the father of blues” had or has an interesting story to tell, so here it is. William was born into a poor family, his father was minister and both his parents lived in a log cabin not that much money to live on.At a young age william, got a job many months later his all the money he saved, was enough to buy a guitar. His father wasn’t very happy, but William was. William’s father told him to take it back and get a dictonary... what a disappointment.

W.C Handy, composed “ St. Louis Blues” everyone loved it! after that people started to love his music and cheer for him. Everywhere he got recognized and called “ The father of blues”. Other african americans began composing the blues and became very popular in his generation. Finally, at age of 84 years old there was a documentary produced about how he became the father of the blues. He immediately earned over $4000 for his new song.“ Memphis Blues” was a big hit.

I think W.C Handy is amazing!!! I love that he wasn't afraid to make music and he doesn't care what anybody thinks. The blues often reminds me of the jazz most of the time, I have lots of questions about it. Handy has left a wonderful legacy trail behind him, tons of people will remember him.

Carl Orff

  • He was from Germany.
  • created Orff instruments for elementary music classrooms
  • his music school was bombed durimg world war II thankfully school was closed
  • composed during the modern period
  • founded a school that focused on movement and music
  • carmina burana is his most famous

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