Kama Sutra’s Massage Candles Make a Perfect Christmas Gift

A sensual and erotic massage with your partner in candlelight is a great gift you can give your partner during this upcoming holiday season. The idea is to give your significant other a sensuous rub down. An erotic massage may incorporate kundalini energy (natural energy of the self) and can give you and your partner a truly profound experience.

Market has over hundreds of products that can be wonderful for massage, but our idea is a little different. We are focusing entirely on massage candles. It’s a fairly new idea that looks like a candle but not in a traditional sense. It works three ways:

  • 1. As a mood settling candle providing delightful ambience and scent the immediate surrounding with subtle fragrance.
  • 2. When poured on bodies for some hot wax play it provides ultimate gratification to both the partners.
  • 3. Containing cosmetic ingredients these massage candles are also excellent body moisturizers.

They create a titillating evening that you and your partner will be talking about for months.

Kama Sutra’s Mediterranean Almond Massage Candles

We are introducing you the Kama Sutra’s Mediterranean Almond Massage Candles, a perfect way to begin a mesmerizing romantic night. Use this sensual massage oil to enjoy the intense side of your journey of pleasure. Moment after you lit the candle you will enjoy the sweet and sensual aromas, a scent that will bring two of you quite close to each other. You need not to wait anymore as during these 20 minutes of period when you two were staring each other; candle has melt down already leaving warm and rich massage oil that is gentle on your skin. Now you and your partner can enjoy a hot massage together that neither of you will ever forget!

How Kama Sutra’s Massage Candles can best be utilized?

Here are some sensual guidelines on how to use massage candles to bring on desired heat:

  • After the candle burns for about fifteen minutes it leaves an aphrodisiac smell in the air which can turn you on and can make you ready to go. After it melts, pour a small amount of oil on to the area to be massaged and feel the magic.
  • The candle can also be a beauty parlor for your love life. All the natural ingredients are used to give extra nourishment to your skin (along with your love life) like shea butter, coconut oil, hint of almond to name a few. It is so pure and gentle that your partner will be bagging for more entire night. And you need not worry as it burns for 48 love making hours.
  • Massage candles are ideal for couples to create romantic environment but are also popular with therapists who wants do the massage in a therapeutic environment.

What People Have To Say?

One of its satisfied customers says “My boyfriend and I have enjoyed several very nice evenings of massage from these little bottles and they are not even close to empty!” Another satisfied customer