Modern Warfare: The Helpers of Terror

Poison Gas

Poisonous gas was used usually to blind the enemies, but it was also  used to kill a large group of soldiers. For that reason, many people used gas mask to protect themselves (McDougal).

Due to its abilities, poisonous gas has allowed today's armies to attack enemies by surprise without actually getting close to them. They would be able to throw the gas bomb at the group and let the bomb do the work.

Machine Gun

Machine guns were major weapons that soldiers would use since World War I. Since it could shoot up to 600 small calibers, the gun itself could easily take down 60,000 people, with enough cartridges of bullets to cover. It was best used from a distance since the entire gun was quite heavy (

Its effectiveness allows even today's soldiers to take down many targets. However, it would wind up causing harm to more people than necessary.


Tanks are the most well-known weapons when it comes to any sort of discussion of war these days. Tanks are combat vehicles that were created specifically to travel across any sort of terrain since it had chains around the wheels (McDougal).

Because of its specific role, tanks today can be used to travel across areas that are unknown to them without any problem. That would then give armies more of an advantage in the battle they face.,_AL_-_001.jpg


Submarines were used as a base to hold nuclear weapons as well as for research. Since it could hide away in the depths of the ocean, navies could use submarines to watch over enemy ships. In fact, it could even be used to attack these ships ("Submarines").

With that, submarines has allowed soldiers these days to easily spy on each other. Yet again, it has more likely allowed underwater battles since each side may want to spy on each other underseas.

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