A long life at home.

My name is Blaze Gabbard.I am 24 years old.I live on a small farm in Greenville,Alabama.I live with my parents, my pa's off in war

Day 1:My daily chores are to take of the cows and horses.I go out if a morning and feed the horses and  the cows.I will water them when they need watered.I will go  out in the garden and pick what needs to be picked.So i have a pretty long day.

Day 2:Today is Monday,It is early in the morning I am going out to take care of the animals.I have to water them and make sure they have food.We are going to a farm this morning.Ma says we are going to get a couple of pigs.It is about a three hour ride in the wagon.On our way there i saw all kinds of animals,deer,coyotes,armidillos.It was a long but fun ride there.When we got there the man took us to see the pigs.When we got to the barn where the pigs were,there were pigs everywhere.Ma had me go in the pins and catch the pigs she wanted.So i got the pigs she wanted.It cost 10 dollars for 2 pigs.

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