Campbell Mindt
Team 7-3 Omaha Zoo Trip
May 1, 2014

The entrance to the Omaha Zoo

Chasing animals in the zoo

The tiger shark uses its fins to move threw the water

Common Name:Tiger shark                         Scientific Name: Galeocerdo cuvier

Home range: Pacific Ocean                           Biome: Ocean

Fish Adaptations                                             Tiger Shark Adaptations

1.Gills                                                                       1. Scales

2.Fins                                                                      2. Sensory Pores

3. Mouth                                                                 3. Sharp Teeth

4.Cold Blooded                                                     4. Body shape big, small, round

5.Eyes                                                                       5. Colors/Camo

The Gopher Frog Uses its camouflage to blend it to its surroundings

Common Name: Duskey gopher frog        Scientific Name: Rana sevosa

Biome: Sand                                                     Home Range: North America (Native)

Amphibian Adaptations                            Gopher Frog Adaptations:

1. Flat skull                                                           1. Ridges on back

2. Body shaped for swiming                            2. White substance on back for defense

3. Thin and moist skin                                       3. Camo to blend in

4. 4 short legs with toes                                     4. Long sticky tongue

5. Little front teeth                                              5. Eyes to see


The Komodo Dragon uses its claws to kill prey

Common Name: Komodo Dragon                 Scientific Name: Varanus komodoensis

Biome: Sand grass mix                                       Home Range: Sunda Islands

Reptiles Adaptations                                      Komodo Dragon Adaptations

1. Scales                                                                     1. Claws

2. Slime coded body                                               2. Strong jaw to kill prey

3. Feet to move kick and swim                             3. Fast movement in short distances

4. Cold blooded                                                        4. Saw like teeth

5. Skin helps keep moister inside body               5. Don't need much food (cold blooded)

The Parrot uses it feet to stand on branchs

Common Name: Parrot                                     Scientific Name: Psittaciformes

Biome: Jungle                                                        Home range: Tropical Continents

Bird Adaptations                                                Parrot Adaptations

1. Beak                                                                        1. Strong curved bills

2. Feet for grabbing prey                                      2. 2 toes on front and 2 toes on back

3. Wings for flying                                                  3. Covered in colorful feathers

4. Feet for running and swimming                    4. Feet help bird climb

5. Feathers for lift and warmth                           5. Short legs

The Polar Bear uses its white fur to blend in with snow

Common Name: Polar Bear                                     Scientific Name: Ursus maritimus

Biome: Ice/Snow                                                          Home Range: North Pole

Mammal Adaptations                                             Polar Bear Adaptations

1. layer of fat to stay warm                                           1. Long stiff hair between feet

2. Eyes to see                                                                    2. White fur provides camouflage

3. Water animals can dive deep                                  3. Hollow fur (Makes bear buoyant

4. Hair to stay warm                                                      4. Small rounded ears (Keep water out)

5. Teeth to kill and chew animals                               5. Fur under skin is black to keep heat

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