The Last Supper

By - Cooper Dolan

The disciples wondered where jesus wanted to eat, so they chose a random person in the street and set up shop at his house. They started with a unleavened bread appetizer. They were very quiet because they thought something was off about Jesus. He then discussed how one of them would betray Jesus and feel sorry for it for the rest of their lives. He told Judas in private it would be him and Judas felt super bad. Jesus then washed their feet and told them that "because I am a teacher and your lord, and I have washed your feet, you can go now and wash one another's feet".

The moral of the story is treat others well and do nice things for someone not to get something out of it, but do it because you want to be a good person.

When Jesus broke the bread giving it to his disciples, he said "this is my body, which will be given up for you and for all for the forgiveness of sins". He then did the same thing with the wine in which he transformed into his blood. THIS INSTITUTED A NEW COVENANT WITH GODS PEOPLE.

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3 years ago

Cooper, I like your use of the vernacular in the story telling - it does a good job of bringing the message into the present. Your pictures are also very good.

A couple of things - did Judas feel "super bad?" I don't think he did - I think he was mad - he intentionally turned Jesus into the Jews (we don't know his motive; we know he regretted it greatly later.)

Also, I think the moral of the story is far greater than treat others well and be nice. We've had many teachers who tell us to be nice in history - Jesus didn't have to sacrifice himself for that, you know?

Watch typoes.

All told, a very good job.