English Language Arts Apps


Ted Talks

TED TALKS is a multimedia resource for various learning styles specific to visual, auditory (verbal) and non-verbal communication.  It contains various academic subjects at varying levels of academia.

EXAMPLE:  Spoken word for English Language Arts is a visual and auditory representation of how brainstorming, writing, verbalizing, and speaking thoughts and creativity directly explains Bloom's Taxonomy in action.


GOOD READER is an English Language Arts APP for reading any topic via materials specific to books, movies, maps, and pictures.

Example:  Learning poetry styles and shape poetry.


iPhraseBook ~ The Expandable Audio Phrase BookiPhraseBook is the first phrase book which can be expanded by adding new languages which is very helpful in learning environments where most people are speaking various languages in one classroom. 

EXAMPLE: One teacher to over thirty plus students who vary with learning styles, languages, people without disabilities, people with disabilities and cultures.  the iPhraseBook can be a resource to communicate to students for linking understanding when language barriers might be present.

Dictionary App

Dictionary APP is a resource that is effective for educational and/or personal interaction for looking up words that link to several meanings and representations for literary academia.

EXAMPLE:  Language and word recognition, synthesis, and higher order application to writing for scholarly purposes at varying levels for schools, newspapers, magazines, to name a few.

Bloom's Taxonomy App

The best planning resource and reference tool for teachers! This app breaks down cognitive levels, providing lesson activities, question stems, and action verbs for each step of the learning process.

EXAMPLE:  Knowledge, comprehension, analysis, synthesis, evaluation are presented in various ways for teachers to teach and assess students cognition and readiness for the highest order of learning and thinking:  CREATION.

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