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Alondra M.

This Spring break I stayed over at my brother's house and hung out with him and his family. We played video games all week, like GTA 5, Black Ops 2 and Call of Duty Ghost on his Xbox and sometimes on my ps4.

When we weren't playing video games we would go bowling or go to the park and shoot his BB gun on his cool zombie targets. I had a pretty chill spring break.

Last day with my peeps

I was born in Stockton, California, the second most dangerous city in California, on December 17, 2000 and moved to Spokane in 2003...which is not as as dangerous.
I'm the youngest out of 5. All of my siblings, except for one of my brothers, live in Spokane. So when we visit him in Stockton, my favorite places to go is the swap meet/car shows and the movie theaters.