Video game designer

A video game designer is someone who creates video games and sells them so you would have to be able to know how to use the internet and be able to create 3-D anmations and things like that.

What do video game designers do?

video game designers bascally just study diffrent types of gameing concels and the themes,anmation and if they are age apropreit and then they think of ideas to do and then once they get the idea they begen to build the video game.

here is a picture of what kind of  programming a video game looks like.


the purpose of this is basically keeping kids,teenagers even adults entertained its gives people the chance to make something and be proud and to make people happy.


  • creating story lines and characters biographies
  • creating prototypes for staff and management
  • designing role-play mechanics
  • conducting design reviews


  • you useually need a bachelors/masters  degree in computer science or in computer programming.
  • you need some experience in computer programming.


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