Michael Dell

James Kennedy 7B

Michael Dell Is Known For Making Dell Computers Which have benefitted us over the years.


Birth: February 23rd, 1965

Education: University Of Texas At Austin

Family: He is currently married to  Susan Dell With 4 Children.

Fun Facts: He started Dell with a few friends of his when he was 19.

Early Accomplishments: He made 18,000 dollars by using his skills in a single year which rewarded him with a BMW and a new computer

Michael Dell Determined the name of the company by using his last name since it was short and easy to remember.

Dell was always called Dell Nothing else just Dell.

It was successful by him using his knowledge about computers and their parts and he made one himself and he began to make these computers from scratch at his home until he had enough money to invest in a conveyor belt that assemble the parts to the computers he made and when that happened he was able to make more money than he ever had in his life and therefore making Dell a popular company.

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