By: Liam Guthrie


By: Liam Scott Guthrie


If you do not know how to play football then you are reading the right story. So read on with this story and you will become a better football player. In this tack I will be teaching you how to be a Lineman, Quarter back, Running back and a wide receiver.


When playing football you to be tough and be able to get back up and rub some dirt on it and your teammates will count on you to make the tackles and get the touchdowns. If you have a good football team that can count on you then you will make to the championship.

How to be a receiver

When you are a receiver you go out for passes and you also have to block to the outside if there is a run to the outside. Also there is a play called the reverse is where the Quarter back gives the ball to the tight end then the tight end gives the ball to the receiver.

How to be a Quarterback

When you are a quarterback you throw passes do reverses and you can do a quarterback sneak is where the quarterback runs up the middle and tries to get as much yardage as he can or before the defense tackles him. Also when you are a quarterback you have to hold the football on the tee so the kicker can kick a field goal. Also this is the abbreviation of a quarterback-{QB}.

How to be a running back

To be a running back you have to be tough and strong and able to get back up and hit. Also you have to remember all the plays. Also running backs go out for passes and block.

How to be an offensive Lineman

To be an offensive lineman you have to be strong to block and get in a 3 point stance. Now I’m going to tell you the offensive line positions: Left Tackle, left guard, center, right guard, right tackle, tight end


If you liked this tack then probably became a better football player if you were not before. Did you like this story yes or No?


Abbreviation-To put something in smaller words

Positions-something like left guard

Yardage-to move more than what you did

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