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How does a hurricane form ?

They form on very low pressured days and over really warm ocean water, 80 degrees or more to create energy for the hurricane, then they need winds coming together and forcing air upward, then wind flows upward above the storm allowing the air to rise,and the humid ,non-dense air rising makes the clouds form, finally light winds outside the storm make the hurricane grow and the then Coriolis affect makes it turn.

How fast does a hurricane go?

The fastest record speed was 253 mph and the minimum is 74 mph

hurricane Sandy

Sandy costed 71.4 billion dollars, 11000 people lost work and 8.51 billion homes lost power. The death toll 285 people. Was from 2012 Oct. 22 to 31  

hurricane Cuba

Cuba costed $691.4 million, the death toll was 3033 people. Was from 1932 Oct. 31 to Nov. 14

how do hurricanes impact humans?

Hurricanes can rip out trees and tear off roofs of house and can produce tornadoes and we have radar so you can get out of the town or know that it is coming. When the Cuba hurricane happened they did not know it was coming until it got there

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