Adrian Elias Chaves-Solorzano

My favorite Class

I love to play my tenor and it lets me clear my head if i'm worrying about things

My Favorite Food
Chicken Crapes

My Favorite Book (series)
The chronicles of Nick &
The Dark-Hunters

These series both intertwine in the most epic of ways and have an array of fantasy like no other books i've read  its overall in my book a 11/10 thats how good it is

My Favorite Movie
Doctor Who 50th anniversary  

Its is Kind of a movie... i saw it in theaters so ill consider it one.i love doctor who and really to me this episode/movie was awesome it was everything i expected it would be and then some!

My Favorite Band
Fallout Boy

I love their music Its phenomenal, and i tend to listen to the 85% of the time.

My hobbies
Anime, and Gaming

i find that the best stories for TV shows come from Japan, and gaming has always been fun to me since i was little

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