"Being challenged in life is inevitable being defeated is optional."

by Roger Crawford

You snooze, you lose

I believe in the strength to work hard,

the dedication on the hours you give,

the sweat you lose every day,

the days you’ll lose only to get back up,

the constant training,

tears ,early mornings ,discipline,

But I don’t believe in boredom.

I believe in graining new friends after every match,

I believe in adding more memories to your collection,

I believe in days to just breathe and look at your accomplishments ,

happiness , the effort you’ve given , determination,

And I believe in the respect you’ve earned from many, and to look back on who you were the year before to the present day and see all you’ve done but not only to yourself but the people around you. The smiles on your parents faces to the trophies sitting on your dresser.

The meaning  

“Being challenged in life is inevitable being defeated is optional” - Roger Crawford. When you look at the quote what does it make you think of? There is no right or wrong answer because it depends on your lifestyle, how you live your life and how you see things. For me this reminds me of wrestling, on how no matter where I go I will always have to wrestle boys stronger than me but that doesn’t mean I’ll lose. I can beat them just as bad.

The quote helps me a lot not only because of it words or wisdom put behind it but because my friends; Nathan, got a tattoo of it on his chest, where his heart was. He didn’t mean to put it right there, he just wanted on his chest but that me look as if what he mean was deep in his heart. Most of his opponents would be taller than him but always mange to win. With this he gave me hope that just because I am a female and automatically would be weaker than an average guy doesn’t mean I can work as hard or even win.

I believe in these words that they can encourage me to keep trying even when I just want to go home and sleep, or to prove like I’m not any girl you see walking in school. This quote not only helps me in wrestling but all around. In school, I can be challenged that they’re smarter kids than me but that doesn’t mean I can out smart them. Cooking, It can be hard to make a plate of food taste good but that doesn’t mean I’ll give up.

The quote can fit into any category and more importantly it can grow with you. There is not a time in your life where you can use this quote or out grow out of it, on the contrary. This will help you for the rest of your life. To smile and always have something to look up to for inspiration. Not to mention this will help you shape your future by being outgoing and never settling for average and to win or achieve your goals.

I live by this credo everyday, it helps me through rough times, and I hope other people will follow as well. Especially because this quote fits everyones situation. I recommend that everybody goes by this quote and to keep this in your head, only then will you become a champion.

By Dayana Ireta

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3 years ago

I agree with what Steve Jobs goes by and how he chooses to be different form the rest of the world, however that's not the quote I would live by. In my taste, life wouldn't be to be different from society but to be my own society. The quote I go by is " Being challenged in life is inevitable, being defeated is optional" - Roger Crawford. Now you may see this quote differently from me and that's okay, the good thing about this quote is that it doesn't have to fit in any specific category. For me this helps me in everyday things but mostly in the activities/exercise I do after school, which make me want to just go home and sleep forever.