Siege of Vicksburg

  • Vicksburg is one of the Unions most successful campaigns.The first attempt  to take the city failed in the winter of 1862.

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The soldiers had to fight in harsh conditions. It was not easy to be part of the war.

The Confederates were in control of  the heavily guarded city of Vicksburg, which was at one of the gateways of the Mississippi. Which also led to much needed territory. Grants first attempt failed in 1862 .That day many innocent men passed away.

Grant realized that this may not have been the best way to try and take the city. John C. Pemberton thought he had dealed with these freedom fighters.

The great General Grant was not done, he had to finish what he started.

Grant had renewed his efforts and was off to battle for the second time. Grant and a admiral named Admiral David Porter made plans and advanced to the city. The city of Vicksburg is right next tot he river, and was a huge advantage to the Confederates. Grant advanced from the west and had to attack a confederate force near Jackson before he could come to Vicksburg. while Grant was doing that Admiral .Grant defeated the confederate force led by Pemberton at Chapmion hill.With few casualties.Pemberton retreated to Vicksburg for saftey. Now it was time for the real battle.

Grant advanced upon the heavily guarded city of Vicksburg and attacked. He sent ships to go and try to attack the front of the city on ships. Admiral David porter led the ships and they had the advantage of surprise.The ships took small damage and they also were able to get down platoons so Grants army could cross the Mississippi and attack.Grant had his soldiers dig 15 mile long trenches to keep the 29,000 Confederates from escaping. Grant then attacked the city with his 70,000. This forced men, woman and children to hide in caves and live off the whatever they could find,because they were very low on food.Grant finally Pemberton surrendered and Grant now had taken the city of Vicksburg on July 4.

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