Diwali is a holiday celebrated by the Hindus and is an official holiday in thirteen countries including Nepal, India, and Suriname. This holiday is celebrated in the Hindu religion. The way people celebrate is with redecorating, shopping and before nightfall putting on your best outfit or your new clothes and lightning special lamps inside and outside of your house. You also celebrate by praying , lighting fireworks afterwords and then having a big family feast and exchanging gifts. This holiday is usually celebrated in the fall like in November and last to about five days long.

I woke up early in the morning hoping to get to the stalls before all the other shoppers got there. I put on my jacket and stepped into the cold November air. When I walked past the stall selling marigolds, they were hanging down on long cords like a curtain. After I was done shopping I returned home and had jut finished tying the red ribbion around the gold colored paper when my little sister playfully jumped on me." When are the fireworks going to light up I'm tired of waiting?" she asked. "They will light up at night when we are in our fancy clothes and, we have lit the candles and the little lamps with cotton wick," I told her.  " Also when we have said our prayers to the gods around the special rug with the pointy flower on it, " I added quickly. Then after many hours of cleaning, cooking, and getting ready for the night ahead we were watching the red, orange, yellow, and golden colored fireworks lighting the sky while eating a special treat called chum chum. I sighed as I bit in and tasted the coconut shavings in the chum chums, this had been a wounderful day in the Diwali celebrations.

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