What choices do I have?

Please click on the link above to listen to Joe Future.

As an 8th grader, you might think you should not worry about a college degree but should you? After listening to the scenario, please follow  the following steps:

Step 1: You need to find 5 careers/job that you might like.

Step 2: Research the salary using the following website: http://www.bls.gov/

Step 3: Create a graph of total salary over a period of 10 years after college degree or high school diploma.

Step 4: Research the college requirements, if any for all your 5 careers  using the following website: http://www.collegeforalltexans.com/

Step 5: Create a multi-media presentation of your choices explaining your choices after a high school, college degrees available, and the graph of all your 5 jobs.

Have fun.

THE MOZART HOOK: I would have the graduation song playing as the students walk in

THE COSTUME HOOK: I would dress up with a cap and gown.

THE BOARD MESSAGE HOOK: I would write a message on the board: Today you will learn how to make your first million dollars

THE STUDENT DIRECTED HOOK: Students will select careers/jobs of their choice instead of me given them specific careers.

THE REAL LIFE APPLICATION HOOK: This is a real life application. Students will learn the choices they have after high school and the cost and possible ways to pay for a college degree.

THE TECHNO WHIZ KID: Students will create a multimedia presentation. I am using a Voki video to engage the students and the whole lesson is paperless. I samwill utilize google docs to have students keep track of their research.

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2 years ago

Ann Vega - Great hooks for financial literacy. So glad you were able to participate with us. I'll make sure you get credit when I return to McAllen. :)