The Glade

The Glade was founded by Thomas Agnes who discovered this land in 2000 when he was young. Thomas brought some people over from a country called the Maze which was overpopulated, and Thomas hoped to start a country of his own which could be a home to many people. The people who helped Thomas build the cities in the Glade were known as The Architects. The Glade is home to people known as the Gladers. The Glade is a powerful country.

The Glade is protected by police called Keepers. The Keepers are the country's best source of protection so they handle small crimes to national security. The citizens respect the Keepers and the Keepers respect the citizens. The citizens feel safe with the Keepers, they are brutal only when necessary. When a citizen is in danger they call a Keeper with a phone or any other telecommunications device, and the Keepers respond immediately to the distress call.

The people live in houses that are made of gleaming silver. The Glade has both small and big cities. The population of the country is 2 million. The architecture is very modern so the cities do have skyscrapers that are made of a shiny titanium metal and such; plus the homes are very modern looking. People live in homes that can be either big or small but there are mainly big homes

The education system in the Glade is very successful and the academies the students go to are very focused on discipline. Anyone can go to an academy but they have to try as hard they can to not drop out. Each child starts learning from the age of 4 till 26 and still receives some tutoring after they finish school. The cost of schooling is paid by a combination of property taxes and a sales tax from food items. Getting an education in the Glade is necessary.

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