Chemistry in Fireworks

By: Kyler Drummer

Who created fireworks and when?

In the 7th century the Chinese created fireworks to celebrate their festivals. They celebrate the Spring Festival and the Mid-Autumn Festival with fireworks.

Chemical Reaction

Fireworks go off by the process of oxidation and reduction, also known as redox reaction. Nitrates , perchlorates, chlorate. are used as oxidizers. When the gun powder burns, oxidation-reduction takes place then combustion takes over.

Endothermic/ Exothermic

An explosion created by oxidation reaction which also creates large amounts of hot gases. Is violently exothermic and fireworks can be very dangerous.

Enviromental Issues

Accidents can occur by using fireworks. People can get blown up by them and can also be blinded by fireworks when handled poorly. Fire works can also start forest fires in some areas, and ca also leave shrapnel lying around.

Who is affected?

Everyone is affected by fireworks either good or bad ways, They can be loud and annoying,fun and amusing. Peoples' pets can be affected because, dogs can run out and grab when prior to blowing off or could bar at it and everyone can be annoyed.

How important?

Chemistry is very important because without it the world would never ooh and aah ever again. We would never celebrate the 4th of July the same we do now. The chemistry in Fireworks has changed the way we celebrate forever.

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