Is The Chupacabra Real?

Caitlin Ferrel & T'keeyah Daye


Is the chupacabra real? People will have many answers. Some think it is a real creature some don't. It is described as a vampire looking marauding lizard with fur. It is also the most common beast studied. Now no one has actually caught one but many have claimed to see this ferocious beast. One person describes his experience " it was a reptilian body, oval head, bulging red eyes, fanged teeth and long, darting tongue." I was scared and I was scared and I thought that he was going to attack me. On the other hand facts are that "the chupacabra was a very recent edition to Mysterious Monster Club. There are no known photographs of the beast or even footprints"." Instead the chupacabra is known mostly through a few dozen eyewitness sightings and dead animals."

- Eyewitness

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