My social Resume #curleesclass2015

          My name is Hercules, you probably know me as the son of Zeus and  Alcmena. I am Married to Hebe, daughter of Hera and Zeus.

My Best Friends are Perseus and Justin because they both have egos and have lady attention.

The Olympic Stadium is my favorite vaction spot

Spinash is my favorite food because its healthy for you and its delicious.

Wrestling is my favorite sport because it lets you release anger.

My favorite movie is Hercules because I like to see myself on TV

My favorite song is "I'm sexy and I know it" by LMFAO,It speaks the truth. The video was filmed in Venice California.

popeye is my favorite TV show because the is tuff and eats spinach like me.

I don't like fat people because they aren't as fit like me.

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