Music Therapist
By:Gracie Loscuito

How Can You Have A Job as One?

To have a job as a music therapist you need at least a Bachelors degree or a Masters degree in both music and therapy classes.

Who Do They Help?

A music therapist is someone who helps people that are going through things that might be hard to understand.

Music therapist work with people with depression, anxiety, grief, abuse, A.D.H.D., schizophrenia, autism, strokes, Alzheimer disease, chronic pain, heart disease, cancer, and much more.

Music Therapist At Work

How Much Does A Music Therapist Make?

A music therapist makes 20,000 to 188,000 dollars, but the most common pay is 40,000 dollars. The amount that you make depends on your education level, experience, industry and location.

Where Do They Work?

They often work as volunteers in institutions, medical hospitals, psychiatric hospitals, mental health facilities, rehab, senior centers, retirement homes, and in schools.

Required Skills

To be a music therapists you must

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