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Tips and helpful ideas on survival Minecraft

OK I know exactly what your thinking, "This girl has no idea what shes talking about! She doesn't know any thing about Mine craft!" well i can just tell you this may or may not help you, the truth is, what you were thinking is kinda true, but not all of it! i'm still good at mine craft. i just know i'm not the best. like anyone could say there better than me, i'm fine with that, i can still give anyone tips if they want some!and maybe this will help you!:)

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   well lets get started. once you get your world the first thing your gonn'a want to do is build a house and to do that you ether need dirt or wood. to get dirt you just need to find dirt (which isn't hard at all) and mine it. to get wood all you need to do is find a tree and mine the trunk, then you need to go too your inventory (just press E) and craft wood. to help you craft oak wood or anything you need but for now I would just use it to get wood, which is in basic. then after you get wood go back to your inventory and craft a crafting bench you can also get that from the website on the bottom of this page. Keep the crafting bench in your inventory. now take all of your wood or dirt and build walls for a house. since this is your first house it doesn't have to be big, just make it small it will help when you have lots of wood or have built a lot of stuff that you need and your ready to start your fun! Next your going to need to mine a tree. After you've don that east task you will need to  go to your crafting bench and make your wood. once you get more wood go to your crafting bench and craft a wooden sword to mine anything! next after you've gotten that done you need to get food. food helps your hunger bar and if your in a nasty fight with some zombies you can just munch on some pork and get a hole heart back! some times you can apples from trees but don't waist all of you time trying to get apples from trees because:

1. its always a 50 50 chance you will get an apple


2. before you know it night time will fall and you'll be stuck in the dark trying to fight off monsters.

what you need to do is get your sword and go kill a cow chicken pig or some other animal! usley it takes about 3 hits. now that you've got some food you need to make a bed. to make a bed you need 3 pieces of wool, to get wool you must kill a sheep!

1 sheep = 1 block of wool

after you get wool you need to go to your crafting bench and make a bed. if you dont know how to make a bed you can click the button at the bottom and it will tell you. i will post a mine craft guide every month. if I don't leave me a comment or a email I might forget! until may good bye!

next month: minecraft hunger games!