Guinea   Pigs

Question one,what is a guinea pig ?

These are the six main types of guinea pigs.

Question two, How do guinea pigs impact the environment?

Question three,

How do you keep a guinea pig as a pet ?

Answers ? Question one

A domesticated South African cavy.That originated in the Andes. Guinea pigs live up to 4 to 5 years. Also they weigh to 1.5 pounds to 2.6 pounds. Also guinea pigs belong to the Caviidae.

Answers ? Question two

They impact the environment in many ways. An example is that if for instance a guinea pig helps by giving fertilizer for grass and plants if you keep your guinea pig outside. Next they help by recycling. How, well most pet stores only sell recycled material like for example newspaper. These are only a few ways that Guinea pigs effect the environment .

Answers? Question three

To keep a guinea pig as a pet this what you will need to do . Have a comfortable bedding and cage. Have proper feed example timothy hay and pellet food and also water bottles. I would recommend but don't have to do is get a towel when you take your guinea pig out to put under it so you don't get poop on you an can just hake towel into trash and use again .Finally you should have proper grooming tools like nail clippers and comb. These are just some bare necessities of taking care of a guinea pig.

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