Deadly Diseases Before 1700
Term Project Introduction

Throughout history, humanity has been constantly plagued with the threat of disease. These diseases have pushed science to its limits in order to quickly and accurately find some form of salvation from its devastation. Before the contemporary miracles of modern medicine, doctors and scientists alike had to use what they had to the best of their abilities. In fact, some of their old "cures" and treatments are ingredients that we still use in medicine today. It is important to understand both how deadly these diseases were and what science and medicine produced at the time to help prevent their spread because learning from the trials and error of the past is how modern science and medicine has become so advanced.

This project will outline five of the major diseases that infected populations before 1700. These five diseases will be explained through its own history and biological breakdown so that readers will be able to understand the background to these devastating microbes. It is important that readers recognize that the most dangerous and malignant forces can come in the smallest packages.

Through grasping the concept of these posts, it is my goal that readers will gain a better perception of the plague infested past and appreciate how far modern science and medicine has progressed in its defense against these diseases.