Ned Kelly

By Lelani Poulakis-Leituvae

Is Ned Kelly a hero, villain or victim? Who knows. Sometimes he was a hero, like when he saved a boy from drowning when he was ten. Sometimes he was a villain, like when he murdered three policemen and stole two hundred and eighty horses. Sometimes he was even a victim! He was blamed for crimes that he didn’t commit. In these next few paragraphs I will be telling you why I think Ned Kelly is a villain.

Ned Kelly has committed many crimes over the past years of his life. He was a cold blooded killer and liked to rob banks. He robbed Euroa, Victoria and Jerilderie in New South Wales. His first robbery was at New South Wales Bank. Ned and his gang, Ned and Joe Byrne stole two thousand pounds. They would rob bank safes and take hostages. I think that robbing banks and taking hostages certainly makes you a villain. Ned Jelly didn’t even return the money to the banks he stole them from, if he would have returned it he would be a good person but for now he is just a villain.

We all know that Ned Kelly is a murderer who killed three policemen. What happened was the police were notified that two men were hiding out in Wombat Ranges. The police organized two armed parties of four men to help find the two boys. On October 25th 1878 the parties which was consisted of Sergeant Kennedy, Constables Scanlon, Lonigan and McIntyre. They camped on the banks of Stringybark Creek which was less than a mile away from the Kelly’s hideout, but they didn’t know that. Late in the afternoon, McIntyre fired a bullet at a kangaroo which was near the camp. The shot travelled through the hills to the Kelly camp and Ned heard it so he pushed Dan to go investigate. He said that there were four troopers fully armed. Ned, Dan, Joe Byrne and Steve Hart couldn’t sleep at night because they were scared of a surprise attack. After that night the next morning was a tough day because that’s when the battle of Stringbark Creek started. I believe that he killed these three policemen and didn’t bother to admit it. He is a vicious, cruel villain.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that Ned Kelly was and still is a villain. He did committed horrible crimes, he stole, he lied, he robbed and last but not least, he killed. I believe that he was a vicious and cold hearted person who got what he derserved.

Killings at Stringybark Creek

On Friday 25th October 1878, two parties of fully
armed police were sent to find the Kelly Gang. The parties consisted of
Sergeant Kennedy, Constables McIntyre, Lonigan and Scanlon. They camped out in
the banks of Stringybark Creek. The Kelly Gang didn’t know they were there.Meanwhile,
the Kelly Gang were not that far from the police party. Late in the afternoon,
Constables McIntyre fired a few shots at a kangaroo which was near the camp.
The bullet shot travelled through to where the Kelly’s hideout was, Ned heard
it and told Dan to go have a look. Dan came back and told them that there were
four troopers dressed in civilian clothing and fully armed. That same night, no
one out of the Kelly Gang slept because they were scared of a surprise attack.
Early the next morning, Sergeant Kennedy and Constable Scanlon left to patrol
the area, leaving Lonigan and McIntyre to look after the camp. During the day
McIntyre shot at two parrots which was heard by the Kelly Gang again. The Kelly
Gang went over to the camp and that was how the killings at Stringybark Creek

Ned Kelly Perspective

Ned Kelly P.o.v

was a normal day for me and my gang. We were hanging out in our hideout. We
were all having a good time when suddenly I heard a noise.... it sounded like a
gun shot. I was very curious so I asked Dan to go and find out what it was. When
he returned, he said he saw four troopers wearing civilian clothes and were
heavily armed. By this time I knew who they were, we all did. It was the
police. They have come for us. That night was a rough night because we couldn’t
sleep as we were scared to death of a surprise attack. The next morning we
heard two gun shots this time and we all decided to go and investigate
together. Our plan was to try and disarm the police. After watching them for
several hours I had the courage to stand up and say, “Bail up!” Constable
McIntyre was unarmed and so he surrendered. I saw Lonigan getting his gun ready
to shoot us, so my intinct was telling me to shoot him. So I did. He was dead.
In the end, Scanlon died but McIntyre and Kennedy fled. I told them I meant no
harm, but did they listen to me... no.

Constables McIntyre P.o.v

The police had been notified that the two Kelly boys were
out hiding somewhere in the Wombat Ranges. Sergeant Kennedy, Lonigan, Scanlon
and I were chosen to search the area for them. We camped on the banks of
Stringybark Creek. There was peace and quiet. Later that afternoon I saw a
kangaroo so I grabbed my gun and started shooting at it. Luckily it was close
by. I was pretty proud with myself. After that we went to bed. Early the next
morning Sergeant Kennedy and Constable Scanlon left to look around the area,
while Lonigan and I were in charge of looking after the camp site. Since there
was nothing to do I grabbed my gun and started shooting two parrots, they were
for supper. All of a sudden I heard a voice, it sounded like.... Ned Kelly. He
was saying, “Bail up” and since I didn’t have any weapons or guns on me, I
surrendered. I saw Lonigan creep behind a log but I kept my mouth shut, hoping
he could free us. As soon as he lifted his head... BAM! He was shot by Ned. I
tried telling the other boys they didn’t mean harm but they didn’t listen.
Lonigan and Scanlon were dead and Kennedy and I were attempting to escape
without being caught. Kennedy’s horse raced through the camp due to being
frightened by the bullet shots. I thought this was my chance to escape, so I
did. I hold on to the reigns and jumped on the horse to who knows where. That
was how it all happened.

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